Vetenskapsfestivalen: Cod concert

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Tors 18 april 2024
17:30 – 19:30
Ocean Lab
Free of charge

Communication among non-humans

What can a cod concert sound like? What can be learned from animal communication? How do we understand animals? Can water be a being?

Animals communicate amongst each other. Their communication offer new perspectives on language and a peek into a fascinating non-human world. Experience music based on the cods mating calls, learn more about how seal pups communicate and how Water can be viewed as the first form of consciousness on the planet. Meet Nobel Prize Nominee Tiokasin Ghosthorse, artists and researchers. New technology meets ancient wisdom about how we see the animals whom we share the planet with.

17.30: Koen de Reus, Max Planck Institute Nijmegen: Communication among non-humans.
18.00: Per Hüttner and Robert Oostenveld: Concert with cod mating calls and 3D rendered images.
18.30: Tiokasin Ghosthorse: Water and Animals – a Lakota Perspective

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