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We have put together the most frequently asked questions here about your visit to the Maritime Museum and Aquarium.

En man som sitter böjd mot en vägg bredvid en liten alligator.
Alligatorn Smilet vid Ostindiska huset med Akvariets förste chef Hjalmar Östergren, runt 1924.

Is there a pensioner/student discount?

Admission is free for everyone under 25 and for pensioners who are residents of Gothenburg. 

Where can you use the annual pass?

At the Maritime Museum and Aquarium, the Gothenburg Museum of Art, the Gothenburg City Museum and the Röhsska Museum.

Where are the other museums?

The Gothenburg Museum of Art is at Götaplatsen
The Gothenburg City Museum is at Norra Hamngatan 12
The Röhsska museum is at Vasagatan 37-39

Can I get cash-back from my credit card at the cash till?

No, unfortunately we can't do that. The nearest ATM is in Stigbergstorget.

Where can we eat food we bring along?

In the dining area on the third floor.

Do you have a microwave oven for visitors?

Yes, in the dining area on the third floor.

Can I get around everywhere with a wheelchair/pram?

Yes. More about accessibility »
For reasons of space, it is not possible to leave prams in the entrance hall or in the café. All prams can be parked on the second floor.

Can we take photographs?

Yes, you are allowed to take photographs for your own use, but don't use flash.

Where can I change my baby's nappy?
In the handicap toilets on the ground floor and on the third floor.

Do you have a lift in the building?

Yes. It is just outside the entrance to the Aquarium.

Do you pay separately for the Aquarium?

No, the Aquarium is included in the museum and admission price.

How long do you keep forgotten items?

We save items left behind for one month, then we donate them to Ebbes Hörna.

I forgot some of my things in one of your lockers yesterday - can I fetch them today?

Lockers are emptied at closing time every evening. Any items left there are saved for one month, then donated to Ebbes Hörna.

Do you have any crocodiles or other reptiles? 

No, but we have many aquatic animals such as fish, corals, sea anemones and so on.

What happened to Smilet?

Our alligator, Smilet, died on a cold winter's night in 1987 at the age of 66 (we think).

What happened to the other alligators, Hugget and Stucket?

Hugget and Stucket moved to the Krokodille Zoo in Eskilstrup on the Danish island of Falster in January 2004.

Why do you have nothing about the Vikings?

We show maritime history from the 17th century onwards. We don't have any objects from the Viking Age in our collections. If you are interested in Vikings, contact the Gothenburg City Museum.

Do you have anything about pirates?

We narrate the story of the two privateers Lars and Ingela Gathenhielm on the second floor. We sometimes have pirate tours for children and pirate shows for adults. Please check in the latest programme.

How high is Sjömanstornet?

The highest point of the tower is 62 metres above sea level. The tower is 49 metres high and there are 194 steps up to the seaman's wife – and a lift.

Does the museum own Sjömanstornet?

No, Sjömanstornet is owned by Higab, City of Gothenburg. 






  • Single entry costs SEK 60 and is valid for one visit at The Maritime Museum and Aquarium.
  • Annual entrance costs 100 sek and covers an unlimited number of visits during the calendar year in which the purchase is made.
  • The annual pass is also valid at the Gothenburg Art Museum, Gothenburg City Museum and Röhsska Museum.
  • Free admission for visitors under the age of 25.

Opening hours

  • Tuesdays–Sundays: 10–17
  • Wednesdays: 10–20
  • The museum is closed:
    On Mondays,
    Good Friday, Easter Monday, May 1, June 6, Midsummer Eve, Midsummer Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.