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Experience the diversity of the sea

Dive down below the surface of the water and discover seahorses, coral reefs and crabs. You can learn more about our marine environment, understand how the lion fish is toxic and why clown fish change their sex.  


Korallakvarium april 2014 - februari 2017

Experience a coral reef close up. Coral reefs are unique places which have developed over millions of years and are teeming with life. Even though they cover less than one per cent of the seabed, roughly one quarter of all marine species are dependent on coral reefs for their survival.

Coral reefs are threatened environments in danger of extinction in our lifetime, mainly due to global warming. This will have a major impact on marine life.

Nordic Waters

Flera olika typer av havsborstmaskar i ett rutnät.
The exhibition Polychaetes. Photos by Arne Nygren

Explore the animal life on the Swedish west coast. We have an aquarium called "The Shallow Bay", where you can see animals living in eelgrass beds and among tufts of seaweed. In our "Touch pool" you can experience other Nordic species, which you get to see close up during the activity "Touch the sea". In the aquarium "The rock wall" you can study some beautiful nordic species of anemones. Do not miss our live cameras who show you live feed directly from the sea, or our beautfiul photo exhibition about Polychaetes.  

You also find a historical timeline of the aquarium's history here.

You can read more about our animals on


We arrange lessons and shows related to our living environments in our aquarium studio. We also have our popular programme item "Touch the sea" every Saturday at 12.00 with animals from the Swedish west coast. We also show films in the aquarium studio.

Underwater laboratory
You can find out what it is like to work in a research station at sea. As well as seeing the experimental aquariums, you can learn more about the development of marine research.


Behind the scenes there is a DNA lab and an experimental lab, where students regularly carry out their thesis work. There is also a full-time researcher here who is studying biodiversity and cryptic species.


Photo: Olle Andersson

We also breed animals in the aquarium. In recent years we have cultivated seahorses, several jellyfish species, dwarf cuttlefish, corals and Banggai cardinal fish. When we are successful we share our cultivated specimens with other aquariums.

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