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Refugee across the Sea

Refugee across the Sea

People of all times have crossed oceans in search of a better life – away from poverty, war and persecution. The sea is an eternity of both hope and menace. 

In this exhibition you meet people who have fled over different seas and reached Sweden – from World War II until today. Over the Baltic Sea, the Sound, the South China Sea and the Mediterranean. Their voices are but a few among millions of others’. These voices came ashore – and may tell the story also for those who never made it ashore.

The number of displaced persons and refugees in the world has not been this high since World War II. Every refugee has her or his story. All have their own reasons, ordeals and hopes. What they all share is the wish to survive and create a new life. They are all part of the story about one of the most pressing matters of our times.


2017-11-11 - 2018-09-16