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Renovation of the museum

The Maritime Museum and Aquarium is about to be renovated and extended. Read more about what will take place here.

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Photo: Bo Melin

When the Culture Administration and Higab started the feasibility study for the renovation and extension of the Maritime Museum and Aquarium in November 2015, it was decided that we would hold an open hearing. Professional organisations, politicians, officials and the general public were invited to be informed and discuss the ongoing feasibility study through advertisements in the daily press, posters and direct invitations by e-mail.


The meeting was carried out in the form of a citizens' dialogue on 18 May 2016. At the meeting, the real estate company Higab, architects from GAJD and myself talked about the different aspects of the project, what requirements the renovation must fulfil, and proposed solutions and outlines. After question time, group discussions took place where participants exchanged ideas and proposals for the museum and the area around Stigbergstorget as a whole.

A new aquarium is one priority of the project, the most suitable place being below ground in the park at the front of the museum, between the museum building and Karl Johansgatan. The lawn is a popular place for picnics and sunbathing during the summer and these activities were said to be important and worth safeguarding in the feasibility study. The park feeling should be kept and the lawn restored after construction work has been completed. The goal is that the green surface will be larger after the renovation project than its current size.

One important conclusion from the citizens' dialogue was that the renovation of the museum is an important part of the overall future upgrading of the area. If the museum were given a new south-facing entrance, the facade toward Stigbergstorget and the Gatenhielmska reserve could be opened up. The old classic parade entrance on the west side was intended to be seen from the river by the many passengers arriving in Gothenburg on ships. It soon became superfluous, since almost all visitors came from Stigbergstorget. This rather grand but rarely used entrance needs to be given a new function.

We will continue to work with the feasibility study and we welcome your comments and thoughts about the museum and the development of the area in the future.

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