Museum of the year!

The Maritime Museum and Aquarium has been named Museum of the Year by the Swedish Museums Association and ICOM Sweden.

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Sailor’s Tower

This summer, the maritime museum offers guided tours of our beloved sailors tower. The 49 meters tall classic Gothenburg landmark, with its stunning views of the city, and 194 step spiral staircase will take your breath away. (In more than one way.) Come and learn more about its history, quirks and secrets. A real highlight!

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until 18 augusti 2024

Haenyeo – Woman of the sea

Today, the tradition is on the UNESCO´s Representive List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Haenyeo has developed a tradition based on a strong community and sustainable fishing. They live in coexistence with the ocean, waves and the storms.

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The Aquarium

An underwater world focusing on the ocean. The largest collection of live corals in Europe. A public marine research laboratory and an exhibition about the importance of the sea for all life. Dive behind the scenes and check out the highlights of the new Aquarium.

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