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Welcome to an underwater world! In the new aquarium hall, which opens December 10, 2022,
about 15 aquariums are planned. A few aquariums were cast on site, including the largest aquarium,
which is a 400,000 liter aquarium that will display a living coral reef.

A subterranean aquarium

At the centre of the Aquarium Hall, the focus is on the oceans, and their organisms and environments are displayed and explored in various ways. Habitats from various parts of the oceans are shown in different types of aquarium biotopes. The biotopes form the basis of the exhibition, and the aquariums allow various subjects to be studied from different perspectives using different means, including interactivity stations. Around 15 aquariums are planned for the aquarium hall. A few will be cast in situ, including the largest, a 400,000 litre aquarium showing a living coral reef.

The Ocean Lab

The Ocean Lab part of the project focuses on marine education and provides school classes and other visitors with an opportunity to explore the sea and its habitats in a more hands-on way through lab benches, experimental aquariums and petting tanks. Ocean Lab also provides excellent means for presenting the aquarium’s own research, such as the cultivation of corals, and offers an opportunity for visitors to take part in various research projects.