new exhibition in the aquarium

Ocean Planet

The world ocean in focus

Discover an underwater world with the world ocean in focus. The Ocean Planet exhibition is connected to fifteen aquariums that showcase habitats from around the world.

Did you know that every second breath we take comes from the ocean? In the Ocean Planet exhibition, you get to explore the mighty world ocean that covers most of our planet and is a pre-requisite for all life.

Sometimes we talk about the seven seas, but really there is only one world ocean. The ocean covers over two-thirds of our planet. All life, including humans, exists thanks to the ocean. Every day the ocean affects all life, and the ocean is affected by everything that lives. It regulates weather and climate, produces most of the oxygen we breathe and nourishes us.

But how does the sea actually work? And why are the oceans and the climate changing right now faster than ever in Earth’s history? In the exhibition Ocean Planet, you can take part in facts, films and fossils that give you in-depth knowledge of a life-determining ecosystem. In the surrounding tropical and cold aquariums, you can be fascinated by the diverse habitats of the world’s oceans. Seaweed forests, eelgrass beds, fantastic fish from all corners of the earth and endangered corals are shown here.

Welcome to explore the water planet we live on!