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The Aquarium

You will find the new Aquarium in front of the museum – underground. The Aquarium will be twice as large, with 10 times as much water as today. Inside the aquariums, the natural ecosystems will be reproduced, including with living coral reefs and seaweed forests.

Akvariet som det kommer att se ut

What has been done?

In the last few years an intensive amount of thinking and experimenting has occurred. Among other things, new methods of growing tropical corals have been developed. The aim is to create marine environments that are as alive as possible.

What happens next?

The animals will remain in the building so they do not have to be moved very far. In contrast, it will not be possible for the aquariums to stay where they are today, as everything will be torn down to make room for the new entrance hall. Instead, the animals will move into what was previously the café. The construction process is currently in full swing – early next year it’s time to move in!

Care and cultivation techniques will continue to be developed while the building is closed.