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On Level 2 you will be able to experience a new permanent exhibition based on the collections. Here you will be able to explore stories about Gothenburg’s maritime shipping, city and people – in relation to the sea, trade and the outside world. On Level 3, much of what you will see will be very familiar.

Sammansatt bild på våra utsällningar

What has been done?

Before every new permanent exhibition, a preparatory study is produced. This study is expected to be finished in the autumn of 2018.

What happens next?

All the spaces on Level 2 will be emptied, as will the exhibition spaces on Level 3 that are affected by the construction. The objects will be taken care of and stored. The materials, decorative elements and technology that can be reused will be saved.

Because the museum will basically be a building site during much of the closure period, the work on the content and design of the exhibitions will primarily be done outside the museum.

Together with Higab, which manages the building, the museum has begun working on fire safety and improved visitor flows on the premises.